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Restaurant Energy Solutions —

Bring Savings to Your Energy Budget

The world of energy is changing rapidly, and it is important to have an energy provider to help you navigate forward with cost-effective energy solutions that deliver value for your restaurant.

Since 2008, our team has partnered with thousands of business owners to maximize their budget with a customized approach to their natural gas.  As an approved supplier with SaskEnergy, we offer natural gas programs that deliver savings and budget certainty. Now, we’re taking this customized approach to help manage your electricity.  We’ve teamed up with GridPoint to provide a cost-effective energy management solution, ConnectedControl.  This holistic approach to managing your energy will save you time, money, and hassle.

Our energy solutions for restaurants help you
• Reduce your carbon tax
• Cut energy consumption by up to 15 percent 
• Provide remote monitoring and control
• Diagnose issues remotely to avoid unnecessary maintenance and repairs
• Prevent inventory loss
• Protect your budget from natural gas price spike

All this without upfront costs

How can Secure Energy help with your energy needs?  ​

Restaurants use between 5-7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. That’s why it is important to have an integrated energy plan for efficiency and market protection which can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Door Switch

Monitors and ensures that doors on walk-in coolers and freezers are closed

Electrical Main-Line Metering

Monitors building electrical use to better understand electric consumption and capture data for results.

Refrigerated Inventory Monitoring

Alerts you to refrigeration outages and cooling issues in time to save inventory

Duct Probe

Directly monitors the output temperature for each HVAC unit to ensure optimal equipment health, comfort, and efficiency.


Monitors zone temperature for comfort in given areas

Main Controller

Automates control of lighting, HVAC, signage, and more to drive energy savings.

HVAC Monitoring

Optimizes HVAC for comfort and efficiency with performance monitoring to alert you to problems and reduce maintenance.

ConnectedControl —

Improve Your Restaurant’s Efficiency & Operations

Having access to your restaurant’s most vital energy components is crucial to identifying wasteful energy usage and alerting you to costly equipment failure. With ConnectedControl, you can automate your HVAC and other electrical components for peak efficiency, identify and reduce maintenance issues, prevent lost food inventory, and manage your facility remotely. All this without an upfront cost.

Benefits of ConnectedControl ​​

Turnkey Solution With No Upfront Costs
Immediate return on investment and energy savings of up to 15 percent
Reduce Maintenance
Identifies issues and extends the life of your equipment
Dedicated Support
Our trained customer support team is available to help you
Manage Anytime, Anywhere
Your real-time data is available on an easy-to-use website and mobile app
Prevent Inventory Loss
With optional refrigeration monitoring, you can be alerted to outages or cooling issues in time to save inventory
Actionable Alerts
Uses real-time data to alert you of issues

How Does it Work?

Smart Building Controls

Collect energy data from HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and other equipment

Gridpoint Energy Manager

Analyze real-time data to identify trends and provide alerts for any issues

Expert Support

Our team will help you manage your energy usage to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort

Protect Your Profits —

Natural Gas Programs

We know that every business is unique and that you have a very specific set of budget needs and goals. That’s why our team will guide you through a range of natural gas programs and help customize a program that fits your budget.

Benefits of Our Approach ​

Trouble-free enrollment
We’ll work directly with SaskEnergy to make sure the process is easy and seamless.
Customized for you
Our team will customize a program to meet your budget and operational needs
Team of experts
Our customer support team is there for you before, during, and after you enroll to answer any questions

Our Natural Gas Programs

Guaranteed Rate Plan

This plan takes the headache out of managing your budget by locking-in your natural gas price for terms up to five years. This program will help you reduce your risk to natural gas price increases due to weather-driven demand. Once you choose the term, our team will work directly with SaskEnergy to make the process easy and seamless.

Wholesale Flex Plan

- Allow your gas prices to float with the market.
- Provides flexibility with the freedom to switch to a Guaranteed Rate Plan at any time.

Take Control of Your Energy Budget Now!

In a matter of a few minutes, our team of experts can help you customize a solution that fits your energy needs and operational goals.  
Since 2008, Connect Energy has focused on bringing cost-effective energy solutions to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers throughout Saskatchewan.
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