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Frequently Asked Questions

When did natural gas deregulation occur?

Large usage customers have had a choice of suppliers since 1987. For smaller users, competition was introduced in 1998. Prior to this, customers did not have a choice of who to purchase their natural gas from.

Are any physical changes required before I can purchase natural gas from Connect Energy?

No, SaskEnergy will continue to be responsible for the delivery of natural gas to your meter, but you have a choice of who supplies the natural gas to SaskEnergy’s distribution system. You will continue to receive your natural gas bill from SaskEnergy and any Pre-authorized or Equalized Payment Plans will be maintained. Connect Energy will be listed as the natural gas supplier.

Who do I call if I experience a gas leak or disruption of service?

SaskEnergy will continue to be responsible for repairs and maintenance. The costs of these services are included in the rates charged by the utility for distributing the gas.

Should I be worried about the security of my gas supply?

No, SaskEnergy will deliver gas to your business even if your retailer’s supply fails.  

When will my contract take effect?

In Saskatchewan, contracts take effect only once per year – on November 1st.

How can I tell if my contract has started?

Connect Energy’s name will appear on your SaskEnergy bill in the gas supply section.

Are there any other charges?

No, you will continue to receive a bill from SaskEnergy showing the basic monthly charge, gas delivery charge and charge for gas consumed. There are no other charges.

Who is eligible to sign up with Connect Energy?

All commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential customers are eligible to sign a supply agreement with Connect Energy.
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