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Energy Management System

January 2021 —

Actual Data Taking the Guess Work Out of Facility Diagnostics and HVAC Troubleshooting

The extreme temperatures of winter and summer can push your HVAC units to the limit. That’s why making sure that your HVAC equipment is running properly cannot only save you time but also help eliminate costly last-minute repairs. Traditionally, you would have to schedule an on-sight technician to inspect your HVAC equipment for preventative maintenance.  Typically, decisions for scheduling maintenance were based on past experiences, best practices, or old-fashioned guesswork. This has led to some scheduling maintenance too often, which was a waste of money, or not scheduling often enough, which led to major component failure. With our energy management solution, ConnectedControl, powered by GridPoint, we can run a series of tests on your HVAC units to identify issues and ensure operational performance without the guesswork or cost of having an on-sight technician.

What is an Automated HVAC Test?
With ConnectedControl’s HVAC Scope Test, you can run diagnostic and performance tests without lifting a finger.  The system will test HVAC units individually on a pre-set cadence.  The test can be scheduled to run at night when the building is empty to create a controlled test environment and eliminate any interference with normal business operations. When run, the HVAC Scope Test will take each unit one at a time through a series of checks. This will prompt the HVAC unit to run through several different modes: fan off, fan on, stage 1 cooling, stage 2 cooling, stage 1 heating, and stage 2 heating.  This enables ConnectedControl to use the environmental data, energy data, and HVAC data collected at the site to pinpoint actual issues such as a fan that is not blowing air or a compressor that is not cooling enough.  A report is generated to list the issues so an on-sight technician will know the exact problem, reducing time and cost.

Save Time and Money on HVAC Maintenance
Studies have shown that the average commercial building requires $1,700 in HVAC maintenance each year. That doesn’t include the internal time it takes to schedule maintenance, work with a technician, or troubleshoot HVAC issues.  With ConnectedControl’s HVAC Scope Test, we take the headache out of managing your HVAC infrastructure so that you can focus on the things that matter most for your business.  Each time you schedule an HVAC Scope Test, you will receive a report that will help you:
• Reduce HVAC maintenance and repair costs
• Improve preventative maintenance scheduling with real data
• Extend the life of HVAC units through better care
• Eliminate last-minute technician calls during seasonal changes
• Reduce the time it takes to diagnose and fix HVAC issues

HVAC Test Details
The value of ConnectedControl’s HVAC Scope Test is derived from granular data collected at sites paired with control capabilities within each unit. As the test runs, each stage of heating and cooling is run while data is continuously collected. The GridPoint controller runs calculations in the background in order to report the operational status of each zone and stage. This report will enable technicians on-site to see if there are any components of the HVAC unit that are non-operational by looking at the power consumption for each stage during the test. It will also let them know how well an HVAC unit is cooling or heating by showing temperature changes at each stage. These reports are sent to the GridPoint Energy Manager for further analysis in a downloadable report. Over time, the trended performance of each HVAC unit can be used to fine-tune preventative maintenance schedules. These reports can be run for multiple units across multiple sites to quickly and easily manage the repair and maintenance of HVAC units for an entire enterprise.

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